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0ur family started gardening in 2020 when we noticed a food supply shortage in the grocery stores. We wanted to be sure that our family did not go without food and energy. At the time, we had a 2-bedroom apartment and little knowledge about gardening. Through conversation with our grandparents, who were sharecroppers, and lots of youtube university we learned how to plant our first plants: tomatoes, avocado, pineapple, bell peppers, and basil on our balcony. In preparation for our baby’s arrival we needed more space so we moved to a townhouse with a backyard where we began growing Garden of Treatz. We realized that our goal was much bigger than just sustaining our family and that we needed to sustain our communities by utilizing the resources within. We are now first-generational farmers on a small farm ready to support our community! This resulted in the Love Alwayz Foundation.


Love Alwayz is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that cultivates Community Agricultural Centers to increase food security and promote healthy habits. Love Alwayz offers individuals with self-sustaining agricultural skills to nourish themselves to a healthier lifestyle for physical and mental well-being. Love Alwayz provides fresh produce to families, charities, organizations, and individuals in need.  


Youthful Agricultural Program 


Love Alwayz’s Youthful Agricultural Program currently serves inner-city youth residing in Toledo, OH and surrounding areas. The program provides youth development and educates youth with important agriculture and environmental skills to become self-sustainable and food-secure including but not limited to plant and seed recognition, harvesting, bioplastics, biofuels, and composting. Youth will provide fresh produce for their families and communities to increase food security in their hometown. Access to fresh, healthy foods can lower levels of obesity and other diet-related diseases in the city. Love Alwayz is getting to the root of the problem and bringing back knowledge of food-crop cultivation in local communities. Registration will begin in June 2023. 

Tree of Treatz Program 


Love Alwayz’s Tree of Treatz Program gifts fruit and nut trees to individuals, organizations, and charities to become sustainable with electric, nutritious, fruits and nuts.  

Planting Our Seed.

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