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Recycling My Home

I used biodegradable egg carton to grow peppers!

Using egg cartons will help with garbage waste, also help Mother Nature/animals in more ways than we think about on the daily basis!

Help Mother Nature help you, the more we take care of her the better of life is for us!

Growing in the cartons very easy and resourceful fun project for you and the youth try it.

When planting pepper seeds I did every other egg slot giving the Pepper seedlings room to grow!

We all need our own space so we understand why this step is important!

I added soil first filling each egg slot just half way full leaving room to add soli on top after eye drop the seeds in!

Pepper seeds take anywhere from

5 to 21 days to sprout.

The process to bear fruit,

takes 130-160 days to grow peppers to full ripeness.

Most seed packets list the days to maturity for peppers as 65-85 days. This is because pepper plants are normally started and grown indoors for 10 weeks before being transplanted outside.

So trust process don’t give up water them every day be consistent, keep sun on them, and celebrate once you produce fruit green thumb!


Garden of treatz

"Eat Life Get Life" - Mark a.r. Meyers

"Each one reach one" -cosmos

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