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Visualize your future! How do you create a vision board?

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collage of pictures, quotes, words, sticky notes, or any item that inspires you and/or relates to your goals and dreams. It is created to help visualize and “open your eyes” to your inner purpose or calling over your life. Most importantly, a vision board is about YOU and there is no perfect way to create one because each board will be unique to the individual who creates it!

Why make a vision board?

There is power in the ability to visualize your aspirations and goals. With visualizing your goals you will not only get motivation to keep going on your journey to reaching your dreams, but you will be able to mold your mindset to reach them. It is a subconscious way to stay focused! You can hang your vision board on the wall in front of your desk, in your bedroom, or even make it on a small page in your favorite notebook and keep it by your side.

What goes on a vision board?

Here is a list of things you may consider including in your vision board, however you can add anything that you feel will help you reach your dream or even just help you push throughout the day.

  • People who inspire you (family, friends, celebrities, superheroes, etc)

  • Favorite quotes

  • Favorite bible scriptures

  • Good grades from your transcript/report card

  • Favorite travel destination

  • Handwrite your dreams on a sticky note

  • Material items (house, car, Louis V. bag, etc)

  • Favorite crystal

  • University logo

  • Exercise pictures

  • Healthy eating photos

  • Anything that relates to your purpose!!

How to make an inexpensive vision board that you can hang on your wall?

You can create a vision board alone as a self-care activity or with some friends. You can make this vision board as beautiful as you would like it, I encourage you to get creative. I listed amazon links to some supplies you may want to use in your project :) Follow the instructions below for an inexpensive vision board:

Gather all of your supplies

  • A picture frame: I used a 12 x 18 picture frame. To save even more, go to your local dollar store and purchase poster board and cut in to your preferred size.

  • Cute color paper which will be the background of your vision board: I went to the Michaels scrapbook section to pick out cute individual glitter paper.

  • Scissors

  • Tape/Glue

  • Collect your items to add to your board. (Online print out of images, magazine cuts, sticky notes with handwritten notes/quotes, photos, plants, etc)

  • Optional: calming music and essential oil diffuser (or candle)

Next, you will attach the items (possibly with a scrap paper background) to the cardboard that is included with the picture frame or directly to your poster board. Then you will make a collage of all of your items in any order you would like.

Lastly, if you are using a picture frame, attach the cardboard to the back of the frame using the instructions and hang it on your wall! If you are using a poster board find a way to hang it on your wall (you can use wall tacks or velcro)

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Remember, you don't have to finish your vision board as soon as you create it! You can leave empty spaces for the future. And if you do finish it, remember you can always create another one or even redo the one you made! We are always growing and glowing and sometimes things change and that's perfectly fine :) Lastly, remember you are equipped with everything you need to fulfill your purpose!

Here is a picture of my vision board:

Thanks for reading! For our appreciation, use the code FAMILY30 for 30% off your order!

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